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About eye allergies

Why is it called allergic conjunctivitis?

Because the allergic reaction usually affects the conjunctiva, the clear layer of cells on your eye surface.1

What are the differences between allergies and a cold?

Colds and allergies have different causes. Colds are caused by viruses. Allergies occur due to exposure to allergens, such as pollen, dust, or mold. Colds are contagious, whereas allergies are not.2

Other differences between colds and allergies are: how fast symptoms can appear, how long they last, and the time of year in which they occur. An important difference is that colds generally don’t last longer than 10 days. If you still have symptoms after 10 days, it may be allergies.2 Talk to your doctor.

What is the difference between seasonal and perennial allergies?

Seasonal allergies are more common, occurring from early spring until fall. Allergens in the air that affect the eyes include pollen and mold. Perennial allergies occur year-round and include dust mites and pet dander.3

Are all prescription eye allergy drops the same?

There are many different eye allergy treatments available. PAZEO® Solution provides 24‑hour eye allergy itch relief with one drop daily.4 Talk to your doctor about available treatment options.

What can you do in addition to avoiding eye-irritating allergens to treat itchy eyes?

Ask your doctor if once-daily PAZEO® Solution is right for you!

About PAZEO® Solution

How do I use PAZEO® Solution?

Apply one drop in each affected eye, once daily. For further instructions on how to use PAZEO® Solution, click here.4

Can PAZEO® Solution be used for children?

The safety and effectiveness of PAZEO® Solution have been established in patients 2 years of age and older.4

What is the difference between PAZEO® Solution and oral allergy medications?

Oral allergy medications work throughout the body to treat allergy symptoms. PAZEO® Solution is applied directly to the eye to treat itchy allergy eyes.4,5 Talk to your doctor about available treatment options.

What are the side effects of PAZEO® Solution?

In a clinical study with PAZEO® Solution, the most common side effects occurred in approximately 2% to 5% of patients. These side effects were blurred vision, dry eye, superficial punctate keratitis (a type of inflammation on the front part of the eye), impaired taste, and abnormal sensation in the eye.4

How long does one dose of PAZEO® Solution provide relief from eye allergy itch?

24 hours!4